Spanish 21

dealer players and table

The Difference

In Spanish 21, all of the 10 cards are taken out. If you count cards, you know how this can dramatically change how the game is played. However, please note that only the 10 spot cards are taken out. There are also a number of different rules that are allowed in Spanish 21 to accommodate for the difference in cards.

One of the first things that is allowed in Spanish 21 is the late surrender. This means that if you see things taking a turn for the worse, you can surrender at any time. Of course, this won't come without a price. If you do surrender, you will lose ½ of your bet, but that is better than losing all of it. This is a great way for beginners to play and learn tactics without losing all of their money.

The next special circumstance that Spanish 21 allows for is the ability to split any aces and re-split or re-double any pair you have split. Even if you split or double up, the opportunity to surrender still exists. This means that doubling or splitting has no impact on whether you surrender or not, just in case things take a turn for the worse.

There are multiple other rules that differentiate Spanish 21 from Blackjack, and here are some of the most influential:

  • Doubles after a split are acceptable
  • Players can take multiple cards after splitting Aces
  • The dealer will hold on 17, but draw for anything 16 and below

Since there are so many special circumstances that occur while playing Spanish 21, there is also the opportunity to place side bets while a game is going on. One of the most popular side bet is the side bet that says you will match the dealer. To win this bet, either you or another player must match the dealer's face up card.

Spanish 21 Strategy

If you are into the strategic element of Spanish 21, you'll notice several differences between it and Blackjack. The key to winning Spanish 21 is to not get confused by the new rules. Even though you are allowed to surrender, it is still not recommended. If you are given the option to surrender, you may do it far too often and begin to lose confidence in yourself. Also, placing side bets is not a good idea; it will only make you risk more money.

As you can see, Spanish 21 is a fun and new variation on Blackjack, and introduces new challenges to a classic game. If you are trying to mix up your game variation, be sure to try out Spanish 21, you might end up finding a new habit.