Vegas Strip Blackjack

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Las Vegas Strip Blackjack originated exactly where you think it did, in Las Vegas. The game was created on the Strip, allowing players to change the game up and make it more interesting. Several casinos offer this game and more are sure to offer it as well. If you are curious, be sure you understand the rules before you start playing because they are quite different from Blackjack.

The Rules

The rules that govern Las Vegas Strip Blackjack are quite different from standard Blackjack. The dealer also has new rules that they must follow as well. For example, the dealer will check to see if they have 21 in their own hand, otherwise they will hold when they reach 17. Also, if the dealer has revealed an Ace, the player is allowed to buy insurance if they feel the need.

Of course, there are rules for the player as well. An example of this is the rule that states that you are allowed to double down either or both of the first cards that you are dealt; however, your double down must match the amount that you bet. If you decide to split your bet, any insurance that you had applied is nullified. This is a crucial thing to remember when playing if you like to get insurance.

There are several rules that apply to splitting Aces, each of them changing the game in a special way. Once your Aces have been split, you are unable to split them again. This rule adds another layer of strategy to the game. If you do split your aces and then draw a 10 card, it counts as 21, not a Blackjack. Also, if you split your Aces, you are required to draw another card and then hold. It doesn't matter what card you draw, you must hold. You are allowed to split 10's cards if you would like, meaning that Kings and Jacks can be split. When you do split a hand, you are not allowed to double down unless you split Aces. If you split Aces, you are allowed to double down and then take your required card.

When to Play

These changes in the rulebook mean that you need to understand and follow how the game is played. If done properly, this will open a new door for you when it comes to Blackjack and its variations. Because splitting is so encouraged, be sure that you are prepared to risk some money. Although the risk is great, the reward may be even greater. Don't let the new rules scare you off, though, because some people enjoy the challenge that Las Vegas Strip Blackjack offers, so try it out today.