Card Counting

counting of cards

The Concept

This strategy simply splits the cards into two categories, good and bad. The good cards are the ones with a higher value, while the lower value cards are considered bad. The reason why this is so is because the dealer must draw another card is his are low, meaning it can turn the tide against you. While counting cards might sound like a complex equation is needed, it's relatively simple.

You just remember what cards have been played and determine if the remaining cards would benefit you. After you make a decision, you simply adjust your bet to fit your needs. As long as you can add or subtract, you'll be able to count cards.

While counting cards can help you play Blackjack, it's not guaranteed to make you win; it simply evens the odds. After playing about 400 or 500 hours of Blackjack, you can expect to win about 44% of those games. Although it may sound disappointing, take note that your odds are much lower if you don't count cards.

Possible Consequences

Counting cards is not illegal, but that doesn't mean that casinos like when you do it. Several casinos will kick you out and arrest you for trespassing if you try to return. The reason why they can do this is because most casinos are on private property, so they can kick you out for this reason, also calling it trespassing if you come back. While some people call this discrimination, it is not classified as such according to the Supreme Court. In some places, like Atlantic City, card counting is welcomed. Even though they allow you to openly count cards, don't expect an easy win. To combat counting cards, these casinos have implemented several defensive strategies such as using eight deck cards and creating a lower deck penetration.

Another thing that can happen, though not very likely, is the practice of back rooming. This is simply where the casino will take you to a separate room to verify your ID and take your picture. Depending on where the casino is, you may get a lecture or even roughed up a little. Again, this mainly happened years ago and rarely occurs in this day and age. Legally, the casino is only able to detain you if you have done something illegal and they are waiting for the police to show up. They cannot detain you for other reasons.

Don't let these scare you, though, because you have not done anything illegal. Card counting is simply a strategy, and they can't arrest you for that. Be sure to use this strategy so that you can win in Blackjack, and maybe some money in the process as well.