Legal notice

Within the same group, the information given by us could be used by some company or an individual however in case of any third party or a person attempt to share your specific personal information with us and deals in all important issues like marketing services provident, financial institution and data verifiers, all the settlement plans for the service providers, for the completion of any project; all the combined marketing campaigns, information on opening a new account, or any practice to prevent any cyber fraud by means of our website; in certain case all the potential or current investors or contractors who wish to invest their money in the company in our Group and any auditor done by some contractor, service provider or a auditor. In order to protect the individual interests under some data protection laws, all the necessary actions taken by any person (more specifically any recipient), actions will be closely scrutinized by all the data procession agreements and that of applicable law. The agreement could by anything and in any substance form.

There is a complete security from our side about the protection of the information from the government authorities and institution, however in some cases the problem could occur if:

  • In case you give us some written and official permission in the form of your consent that all the personal information of yours can be shared with the third party
  • In case of any legal notice or legal matter, the information might have to be disclosed to the concerned authorities
  • If you require some services delivered to you then the personal identifiable information could be required and we would have a full authority to use and disclose that
  • If under any circumstance, any action or any step taken by you may harm our content on the website or violate our specific terms and conditions. That violation could also be extended to our website user guide

At the same time the legal right to make use of your personal information for the payment services is kept with us. This way any process related to the financial institutions and settlement of the payment, the use of individual personal information is not subject to any legal action.

However we don't compromise on our safety and security in keeping all of your data in our closed hands, thus protecting your personal information is our top priority.

The complete secure environment doesn't invite the access of any unauthorized person is ensured by us, when safeguarding your personal information. Thus any illegal access, usage of information for any destructive use and in case of any accidental loss, is avoided by our full proof security system.

Our employees and management fully acknowledge the importance of your personal information and are directed towards saving all the information.