Blackjack Systems

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In all honesty, there is no strategy in Blackjack that will give you better odds than the dealer. Counting cards and learning how Blackjack will definitely improve your odds, but the house will have better odds than you. To put it simply, Blackjack is a game that is designed to win the casino money. Think about it, if you pull a draw, who wins? The casino is going to win. The casinos know what people try to do, and they shift the rules so that they can nullify the effects of a system.

For example, the table limit can be used to make the next system almost useless.

The Martingale System

The Martingale System is one of the most popular strategies for gambling, but it should not be used for Blackjack. Not only does it require a lot of money to implement, it can also make you lose a lot of money. Here's how the system works: every time you lose, you double your bet. The idea is that when you win, you'll get all of your money back. In theory, it sounds like a good idea. When you win, you'll even out your losses and be back where you were, right?

Now, let's imagine that you have an infinite supply of money. Let's say you bet $3, and then you lose and go on to bet $6. As the rounds progress, you keep doubling, going to $12, $24, $48, $96, $192, and then you hit the table limit. The table limit was designed somewhat to stop a method like this from happening. This means that after the limit, you can't bet anymore. In other words, you'll end up losing money from that point on.

More Examples

Even if you did win after betting double of $192, which is $384, you'll only make some minor cash after the fact that you make it back to $3. Simply put, the system wastes a lot of money in order to gain a little bit. It's not even worth the winnings if you end up paying $384 just to win the initial $3 you lost back. In truth, you're just giving the casino your money by playing into their game.

When you look at it, these systems will fail. It's not that they aren't good systems; it's that the casino knows how to counter them so that they don't become as effective. As stated before, the only thing that can help you even the odds is counting cards and having a firm grasp of how Blackjack works. This is partly due to the fact that casinos can't stop card counting. Other than counting cards, however, there is nothing else that will help you win.