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There have been a lot of problems in the past with American players not being able to play any games that are just for Americans. The problem was created by the UIGEA, which passed a law that prohibited US players from betting with real money online. This alienated all US players because online casinos stopped catering to them. Since then, US players have been desperately looking for a site where they can play online casino games and win money.

The Rushmore Casino Difference

Although it is not a well known site, the fairly new Rushmore Casino does allow players to bet in the US. They also offer a play-instantly version of their site as well as a downloadable version of it. Players are given the option of choosing to apply for free bonus money by typing in a code when they register. The bonus is not required and it is up to the player whether they want to go for it or not. Regardless of what you choose, be sure to read the fine print in the user agreements. By signing up, you may forfeit certain perks that you can otherwise obtain.

Customer Service

A sample e-mail was sent to test the response time for customer service. The message was replied to in about an hour and a half, which isn't bad, but not great either. For those looking for a quicker response for an urgent question, a toll free number is available and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The line is free for US, UK, and Canadian customers. Other countries can call, but rates will apply.

Game Types

All the standard games that people are looking for can be found at Rushmore Casino. Games like Roulette, Blackjack, Tri Card Poker, and Craps are available. Each game offers vivid graphics and premium sound quality. Those who enjoy Craps will be happy to know that it is possible to place bets up to 3X, which is a great feature. This makes it a great opportunity for those who want to win money as well, since they can make rather high bets.

There are also hundreds of different slot machines that people can play, giving a wide variety of games for people of any age or skill level. The slots also have several different bonuses, making it exciting every time you play.

The Advantage

Of course, the biggest advantage at Rushmore Casino is the fact that all US players can join in on the fun. Players are treated with respect and the games are varied and fun. No matter why you want to play, Rushmore Casino offers US gamers the escape they are looking for.