Enjoy Playing in Blackjack Casino

Blackjack originated in 17-th century in France, it was on the peak of its popularity in 19-th century and now it is the most popular card banking game all over the world. Some changes were done in the game, appeared many blackjack variations, rules and card counting systems, but the aim stays the same: to beat the dealer by collecting 21 points or close to it.

Online and Land Casino Differences

  1. Online blackjack differs from a land one in speed, because the player should decide very quickly playing with random choice computer (three internet hands are equal to one hand in real casino).
  2. In online blackjack you can't see your opponents and it is quite difficult to count cards.
  3. You get more chances to win in online casino, because the banker is restricted in the rules.

Online Blackjack Casinos

  • EUcasino - very popular online casino offering perfect graphics and quite high bonuses for novices. There also friend promotions for inviting a friend to the casino. EUcasino pays special attention to the quality of their games, so the variety of game variations is low. The most popular game with a low bonus is Millionaire Genie and you can play all your favorite card games: blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat. The support team works 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Casino King - very respected online casino from 1997. There are many welcome and additional bonuses. A wide range of slots, card games and video poker. Especially popular are blackjack, Caribbean Poker, roulette and baccarat. Casino proposes a wide range of banking options and brilliant support service.
  • Prime Casino - the most visiting casino website, that offers special promotions for novices and bonuses for experienced players. There is a great variety of different games to each taste. The software is free, provided service excellent and large variety of payment services.
  • Casino Las Vegas - feel yourself in the world's casino capital! It attracts visitors by their high bonuses and convenient promotions. There exists Casino Las Vegas VIP Club for the loyal members and often site visitors. The casino is supported with the mobile phones, so can play favorite casino games everywhere.
  • Swiss Casino supplies its visitors by excellent casino atmosphere and great collection of casino games. Generous welcome bonuses are offered and wide range of language options.